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Pilgrim Fathers Route Leiden (english)

Titel : Pilgrim Fathers Route Leiden (english)
Auteur(s) : Pilgrim Fathers Leiden
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Pilgrim Fathers Route Leiden (english)
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Walking in the footsteps of the Pilgrim Fathers in Leiden. They left leiden city in1620 and going to Delfshaven and the Mayflower for going to the New Land, where they arrived in Plymouth.

Ichthusboekhandel made a route through the old streets of Leiden. You are welcome to the history of the Pilgrim Fathers, The Statenvertaling (the bible like the KJV) and the dispute of Gomarus and Arminius which take place in the city with the first university of the Netherlands.

The City Walk of the Pilgrim Fathers is for an hour (short) and one and a half hour for the long walk. You see the places where the Pilgrim Fathers lives. You see places you cann't even image that in this time it looks the same way as in 1620.

On this walk you find also the Pilgrim Fathers Museum in the Beschuitsteeg, near to Ichthusbookstore.

EAN : 7438230589515
Auteur(s) : Pilgrim Fathers Leiden
Categorie : Cadeau-boeken
Verschenen : Augustus 2019
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