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Luke, John & Acts (EBC) Revised

Titel : Luke, John & Acts (EBC) Revised
Auteur(s) : Longman iiI, T./Garland, D.E.
EAN : 9780310235002
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Prijs : € 55,50
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Luke, John & Acts (EBC) Revised
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To keep pace with current evangelical scholarship and resources, the Gold Medallion Award winning Expositor's Bible Commentaryhas been revised and updated. Continuing the legacy ofexcellent evangelical scholarship, these volumes offer a major contribution to the study andunderstanding of the Scriptures.These commentaries provide pastors and Bible students with a comprehensive and scholarly tool for expositing and teaching the gospel. The fifty-four contributors--of which twenty-nine arenew--represent the very best in evangelical scholarship committed to the divine inspiration, complete trustworthiness, and full authority of the Bible.As in the previous edition, The Expositor's Bible Commentaryfeatures the full NIV text. But it alsorefers freely to other translations and to the original languages. In addition to its exposition, each book of the Bible has an introduction, outline, and updated bibliography. Notes on textual questions and special problems are correlated with the expository units. Transliteration and translation of Semitic and Greek words make the more technical notes accessible to readers unacquainted with the biblical languages. In matters where marked differences of opinion exist, commentators, while stating their own convictions, deal fairly and respectfully with opposing views.Volumes 10, 11, 12, and 13, the first to be published in this revised edition, cover the books Luke through Revelation in the New Testament.

EAN : 9780310235002
Auteur(s) : Longman iiI, T./Garland, D.E.
Taal : English
Verschenen : Juli 2012
Uitvoering : Gebonden
Conditie : Nieuw
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