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Serving a Movement

Titel : Serving a Movement
Auteur(s) : Keller, Timothy
EAN : 9780310520573
Uitgever : ZONDERVAN
Prijs : € 20,95
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Serving a Movement
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Serving a movement contains content from the third section of Center Church by Tim Keller.

Our goal as Christians is never simply to build our own tribe. Instead, we seek the peace and prosperity of the city or community in which we live through a gospel movement led by the Holy Spirit, a movement united by the gospel of Jesus Christ, a common mission to reach and serve others, and a commitment to be gracious and generous to those who disagree with you.

In Serving a Movement, best-selling author and pastor Timothy Keller looks at the nature of the church's mission and its relationship to the work of individual Christians in the world. He examines what it means to be a "missional" church today and how churches can practically equip people for missional living. Churches need to intentionally cultivate an integrative ministry that connects people to God, to one another, to the needs of the city, and to the culture around us. Finally, he highlights the need for intentional movements of churches planting new churches that faithfully proclaim God's truth and serve their communities.

This new edition contains the third section of Center Church in an easy-to-read format with new reflections and additional essays from Timothy Keller and several other contributors

EAN : 9780310520573
Auteur(s) : Keller, Timothy
Taal : English
Onderwerp : Theologie
Uitgever : ZONDERVAN
Verschenen : Januari 2016
Druk : 1
Conditie : Nieuw
Pagina's : 288
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