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The book of psalms

Titel : The book of psalms
Auteur(s) : Alter
EAN : 9780393062267
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Prijs : € 29,95
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The book of psalms
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Following his critically acclaimed 2004 translation of the Torah ("The Five Books of Moses", Alter (Hebrew & comparative literature, Univ. of California, Berkeley) here turns his attention and considerable skills to the book of Psalms, taking great pains along the way to remain faithful to both the sense of the original Hebrew and the rhythms, metaphors, wordplay, and unique voice of its poetry.

An extensive introduction explains Alter's philosophy of translation and the challenges faced by those rendering Hebrew text in English, and detailed, footnoted commentary gives philological, literary, and theological background and justifications for word choice and usage. A short list of resources for further reading is also included. Alter's translation may seem somewhat startling for readers more familiar with the verbose language of the King James Version, but it offers both clarity and fidelity to the meaning, meter, and nuances of the original Hebrew. Highly recommended for theological and academic libraries and for public libraries with large theological collections

EAN : 9780393062267
ISBN : 0393062260
Auteur(s) : Alter
Taal : English
Conditie : Nieuw
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