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If Protestantism is True

Titel : If Protestantism is True
Auteur(s) : Rose, Devin
EAN : 9780615445304
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Prijs : € 12,99
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If Protestantism is True
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What if Protestantism were true?

That's the question Rose takes up and explores. Each argument assumes Protestantism is true and then attempts to make sense of Christian history and theology based on that assumption. In this way, he presents a series of intelligible and compelling arguments for the Catholic Church's claim to be the Church that Christ founded.

Catholics will learn to defend their faith, and Protestants will be challenged to answer the toughest questions about the roots of their beliefs.

Devin Rose is a Catholic writer and lay apologist. After his conversion from atheism to Protestant Christianity in college, he set out to discover where the fullness of the truth of Jesus Christ could be found. His search led him to the Catholic Church. Rose blogs at St. Joseph's Vanguard. He has written articles for Catholic News Agency, Fathers for Good, Called to Communion, and appeared on EWTN discussing Catholic-Protestant topics.

EAN : 9780615445304
Auteur(s) : Rose, Devin
Taal : English
Verschenen : Mei 2012
Conditie : Nieuw
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