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Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tr

Titel : Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tr
Auteur(s) : Carter, Craig A.
EAN : 9780801098727
Uitgever : Baker Publishing Group
Prijs : € 28,95
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Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tr
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The book Interpreting scripture with the great Tradition is from Craig A. Carter and its about exegesis and the post-enlightment hermeneutics.

The rise of modernity, especially the European Enlightenment and its aftermath, has negatively impacted the way we understand the nature and interpretation of Christian Scripture.

In this introduction to biblical interpretation, Craig Carter evaluates the problems of post-Enlightenment hermeneutics and offers an alternative approach: exegesis in harmony with the Great Tradition. Carter argues for the validity of patristic christological exegesis, showing that we must recover the Nicene theological tradition as the context for contemporary exegesis, and seeks to root both the nature and interpretation of Scripture firmly in trinitarian orthodoxy.

Craig A. Carter (PhD, University of St. Michael's College) is professor of theology at Tyndale University in Toronto and theologian in residence at Westney Heights Baptist Church in Ajax, Ontario. He is the author of four other books including Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tradition: Recovering the Genius of Premodern Exegesis.

Table of Contents:

1. Who is the Suffering Servant? The Crisis in Contemporary Hermeneutics

Part 1: Theological Hermeneutics

2. Toward a Theology of Scripture
3. The Theological Metaphysics of the Great Tradition
4. The History of Biblical Interpretation Reconsidered

Part 2: Recovering Premodern Exegesis

5. Reading the Bible as a Unity Centered on Jesus Christ
6. Letting the Literal Sense Control All Meaning
7. Seeing and Hearing Christ in the Old Testament
8. The Identity of the Suffering Servant Revisited

Appendix 1: Criteria for Limiting the Spiritual Sense


EAN : 9780801098727
Auteur(s) : Carter, Craig A.
Taal : English
Onderwerp : Theologie
Uitgever : Baker Publishing Group
Verschenen : April 2022
Druk : 1
Conditie : Nieuw
Pagina's : 304
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