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Longing for God

Titel : Longing for God
Auteur(s) : Foster
EAN : 9780830835270
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Prijs : € 24,95
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Longing for God
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Coauthors Richard Foster (author of Celebration of Discipline) and Beebe (author of A Concept to Keep) have much to say on the variety and history of Christian devotion.

They develop seven ways of characterizing methods for spiritual development, and illustrate those methods by classifying major Christian figures according to these paths. The work of Augustine, for example, illustrates the right ordering of love. The seven paths are not equally obvious: the meaning of action and contemplation is more apparent than the right ordering of love, which is more metaphoric but also cryptic. A better balance between the frequently scholastic-sounding treatments of the major Christian thinkers and the warm, informal reflecting and responding chapter conclusions – written by Foster – would have broadened the book's appeal. Some who are strongly inclined to devotion may be taken aback by the book's varied tables and lists. On the other hand, this is a meaty, thoughtful book that will satisfy those who want substantive prescriptions for ways to grow spiritually. One bonus is that it includes not only fathers but also mothers of the church. This book puts religion back in spirituality, a good, true home for it.

EAN : 9780830835270
Auteur(s) : Foster
Taal : English
Verschenen : Juli 2012
Conditie : Nieuw
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