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Place for Truth

Titel : Place for Truth
Auteur(s) : Willard
EAN : 9780830838455
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Place for Truth
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For almost 20 years,Veritas Forums have convened on some of the most prestigious college campuses in America, e.g., Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Penn State. Characteristic of each is an unashamedly Christian perspective on matters of truth, worldview, ethics, and related topics.

The present volume represents 15 highlights from this long line of faith-based presentations, given by some of the most profound thinkers alive, Christian or otherwise. Included are notables like Richard John Neuhaus, N. T. Wright, Alister McGrath, and Dallas Willard. Among the book's six sections are several devoted to atheism, faith and science, the nature of humanity, and social justice. Considering that each lecture was given in a university classroom or auditorium, the tone is only moderately academic. In fact, several of the presentations function more as a dialogue than a straightforward lecture, including one with controversial Princeton ethicist Peter Singer. At least a third of the presentations have their accompanying Q&A sessions. A book that truly seems to scratch where many postmodern people itch. --Wade Osburn

"These essays, mostly by Christian thinkers, are serious dialogue about important questions. Whether you find in them enlightenment and encouragement, or much to challenge, I hope you will agree that The Veritas Forum has done a service to the academy by encouraging the discussions." (from the foreword by Harry Lewis, former dean, Harvard College, and author of Excellence Without a Soul )
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Paperback: 323 pages

EAN : 9780830838455
Auteur(s) : Willard
Taal : English
Verschenen : Juli 2012
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