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Boxed set Sensible shoes (4 stories)

Titel : Boxed set Sensible shoes (4 stories)
Auteur(s) : Brown, Sharon Garlough
EAN : 9780830843343
Uitgever : InterVarsity Press
Prijs : € 71,95
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Boxed set Sensible shoes (4 stories)
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The characters in the Sensible Shoes series have become friends. Sharon Garlough Brown has created them to feel like real people--which is why so many of us readers love her books. We laugh, we cry, we puzzle at their actions, and we see ourselves in them.

And more importantly, we see how a loving God can conform them to his likeness--he can change them. And, therefore, us. I wholeheartedly recommend this series and want to say please, please, read the books with expectancy and joy. Not only will you see yourself in them, but you'll be surprised at how God can use them in your own journey of faith. They are, quite simply, the best books on spiritual formation I've seen in a long time."--Amy Boucher Pye, author of Finding Myself in Britain

Review Quotes:
"I know of no other series of novels like this one, where you actually have the opportunity to do some hands-on, practical spiritual direction with the characters. It's exceptional! You'll identify with Hannah, Charissa, Mara, and Meg as they each walk along the life path God has for them. You'll find at the end of this series that you've gained not just more information about God, but, more importantly, a deeper understanding that you are his beloved child and that he is close, close, close!"
-Marilyn Hontz, speaker, author, ministry coach, pastor

"Deep, genuine friendships are rare. Christian covenantal friendships--in which you hold one another accountable to doing good, not just to refraining from evil--are even rarer. Brown gives us four women who embark on such a journey together, weathering grief, loss, joy, and victories. Through tracing a year of their lives, Brown draws her characters--and her readers--closer to Jesus, one intentional step at a time."
-Sarah Arthur, author, speaker, preliminary fiction judge for the CT Book Awards

Table of Contents Boxed set:
* Sensible Shoes
* Two Steps Forward
* Barefoot
* An Extra Mile

In Sensible Shoes, you will meet these four women as they reluctantly arrive at a retreat center and embark together on a journey of spiritual formation. They find themselves drawn out of their separate stories of isolation and struggle and into a collective journey of spiritual practice, mutual support and personal revelation:

* Hannah, a pastor who doesn't realize how exhausted she is
* Meg, a widow and recent empty-nester who is haunted by her past
* Mara, a woman who has experienced a lifetime of rejection and is now trying to navigate a difficult marriage
* Charissa, a hard-working graduate student who wants to get things right

We continue the journey as the women face roadblocks in the second book, Two Steps Forward, and in the third book, Barefoot, they are challenged to embrace the joy of complete surrender. In the final book, An Extra Mile, the women are navigating both deep joy and devastating loss. Can they find equilibrium in the midst of all that has changed? Find your own spiritual journey reflected in the lives of these women and discover the way forward as you walk the path by yourself or with a group of friends

EAN : 9780830843343
ISBN : 0830843345
Auteur(s) : Brown, Sharon Garlough
Taal : English
Onderwerp : Populaire fictie
Uitgever : InterVarsity Press
Druk : 1
Conditie : Nieuw
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