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Change your words, change your life

Titel : Change your words, change your life
Auteur(s) : Meyer, Joce
EAN : 9781444745207
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Prijs : € 14,95
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Change your words, change your life
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This latest book by author Joyce Meyer is life-changing, literally.

Like every Joyce Meyer book, it is clear, simple, very inspirational, and fully of hope and blessing. It is a book written for Christians, and in my opinion, deeply needed by the church. It is very realistic and practical, not a stereotypical "positive confession book", although it does advocate speaking positively and it does advocate confessing Scripture to walk in faith. It never advises denying reality. Instead, the author champions the concept of "speaking with faith instead of fear", which she explains that "...that doesn't mean that we deny our circumstances, but we do deny them the right to rule over us." In short, this is a balanced book, through and through.

The chapters explain so much about how our thoughts and our words are related to the quality of our lives--and about how we can take control of both our thoughts and our words and then speak and think in agreement with the Word of God. The chapters cover topics like: speaking with hope, speaking foolishly, when and how to speak about our problems, dealing with anger, "fasting our words", complaining, encouraging, loving people with our words, deep listening versus surface listening, self-talk (this was my favorite), gossip, giving our opinion, keeping our word, and so much more.

The author is very transparent. She writes that one key reason she wrote the book was to help herself. She gives many examples of the challenges she has faced, and how much time and effort it took to overcome them; she also admits some problems that she still struggles with. The book includes lots of illustrations of the points she makes in memorable and moving stories.

The book also addresses the challenges in the world of cyberspace and the changes in communication patterns brought about by technology.

he book ends with an appendix of Scripture verses for various difficult life situations, formatted and organized in a way that they can be read, believed, and said both in your heart and with your lips.

The author prays that this book will be a turning point for the reader, and I think it will be, as it was for me.

Highly recommended for Christians who want to live an empowered and obedient and joyful Christian life.

EAN : 9781444745207
Auteur(s) : Meyer, Joce
Taal : English
Verschenen : Mei 2015
Conditie : Nieuw
Pagina's : 132
Afmetingen : 246 x 237 x 50 mm
Gewicht : 1995 gram
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