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Prophetic Preaching

Titel : Prophetic Preaching
Auteur(s) : Hendrickson
EAN : 9781598567045
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Prijs : € 16,95
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Prophetic Preaching
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Book One in The Preacher's Toolbox series tackles one of the most important forms of preaching for the 21st century

The first book in Hendrickson's new "Preacher's Toolbox" series brings together a "who's who" group of today's most influential pastors, who share their understanding of prophetic preaching as well as their skills. The book is divided into two sections, "The Calling of Prophetic Preaching" and "The Craft of Prophetic Preaching," which deliver clear themes and practical takeaways on the art of preaching prophetically. Speaking with grace and authority, preachers such as Francis Chan, Mark Buchanan, John Ortberg, Mark Driscoll, Timothy Keller, and Anne Graham Lotz offer Biblical and personal messages on prophetic preaching while addressing commonly held questions such as:

* What's the purpose and aim of prophetic preaching?
* How do you do it?
* What are the common misconceptions?
* How does a preacher challenge but not overwhelm people with the call of discipleship?

Special Features
* Introduction by Matt Woodley, managing editor of "preachingtoday.com"
* Preface by Craig Brian Larson, editor of "preachingtoday.com"

Part 1: The Calling of Prophetic Preaching
* "The Basis of Prophetic Preaching ," by Francis Chan
* "Preaching in the City of Man," by Mark Buchanan
* "Preaching Like Jesus," by James MacDonald
*" Grace-full Prophetic Preaching," by Crawford Loritts
* "Preaching Like a Prophet," by John Ortberg
* "What All Good Preachers Do," by Craig Brian Larson
* "The Clint Eastwoods of the Pulpit?" by Lee Eclov
* "When God is Revealed, Knees Bow ," by Mark Driscoll

Part 2: The Craft of Prophetic Preaching
*" A New Kind of Urban Preacher," by Timothy Keller
* "The Unchanging Grounds of Authority," by John Koessler
* "The Three Kinds of Preachers," by James MacDonald
* "Challenging Hearers," by Lyle Dorsett
* "Applying and Preaching from the Old Testament Prophets," by Andrew C. Thompson
* "Preaching for Revival, ," by Anne Graham Lotz
* "His Word in Your Mouth," by Kenneth Ulmer

EAN : 9781598567045
Auteur(s) : Hendrickson
Taal : English
Verschenen : Juli 2012
Conditie : Nieuw
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