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Sermon Preparation

Titel : Sermon Preparation
Auteur(s) : Larson Craig
EAN : 9781598569605
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Prijs : € 16,95
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Sermon Preparation
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On top of all the responsibilities that comprise their vocation, pastors must write sermons that are original, insightful, useful, challenging, and comforting--once a week.

Sermon Preparation explores the art and craft of sitting down to a blank page and writing a message that nourishes and speaks truth to the listener. Every chapter, written by an expert in the field, provides insights and techniques that are the result of years of sermon preparation.

Articles Include

* Writing a good message in a bad week
* Five Hammer Strokes for Creating Expository Sermon Outlines
* How Prayer Transforms Prep
* If You Dislike Sermon Preparation
* Four Ways to Get out of a "One Pitch" Preaching Rut
* How to Plan and Package a Year-Long Preaching Series
* The Spiritual Importance of Being an Emotionally Healthy Preacher

A special hands on section from leading pastors entitled How I Prepare a Sermon brings theory into practice and will give you the benefit of decades of experience.

Contributors to this special section include:

* Timothy Keller,
* Mark Driscoll,
* Lee Eclov,
* Matt Chandler,
* Justin Buzzrd,
* and many more.

EAN : 9781598569605
Auteur(s) : Larson Craig
Taal : English
Verschenen : Juli 2012
Conditie : Nieuw
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