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CEB Studybible Hardcover

Titel : CEB Studybible Hardcover
Auteur(s) : CEB
EAN : 9781609262167
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Prijs : € 49,95
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CEB Studybible Hardcover
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Written by leading scholars, the CEB Study Bible helps readers understand the biblical texts within the larger historical and literary framework of the Bible through book introductions, thousands of notes, more than 300 articles, and full-color images throughout, revealing cultural contexts and exploring relevant background information--while always seeking to inspire.

Sometimes we need a little help to understand ancient meanings and to line up the rich layers of history and revelation.

* The CEB Study Bible is a readable, reliable, and relevant invitation to grow in God.

* The CEB Study Bible is for encouragement and challenge, for guidance and reflection, for study and prayer:

* The reliable, readable, and relevant Common English Bible translation in a single-column setting

* Detailed book introductions, outlines, and notes from the finest biblical studies professors.

* Full-color throughout, including more than 200 illustrations, photographs, maps, and charts

* Hundreds of thousands of cross references

* More than 300 indexed sidebar and general articles

* 21 full-color maps designed by National Geographic and

* Fully indexed

* Several hundred leading biblical scholars were involved with the Common English Bible translation and as contributors to The CEB Study Bible.

The Editorial Board includes Joel. B. Green (Fuller Theological Seminary), Seung Ai Yang (Chicago Theological Seminary), Mark J. Boda (McMaster Divinity College), Mignon R. Jacobs (Fuller Theological Seminary), Matthew R. Schlimm (University of Dubuque), and Marti J. Steussy (Christian Theological Seminary).

EAN : 9781609262167
Auteur(s) : CEB
Taal : English
Verschenen : Maart 2020
Conditie : Nieuw
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