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The Message Bible - Remix 2.0

Titel : The Message Bible - Remix 2.0
Auteur(s) : Bible - MES
EAN : 9781612915043
Uitgever :
Prijs : € 47,95
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The Message Bible - Remix 2.0
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The Message designed for students, the //REMIX edition The Message includes in-depth book introductions that challenge students to go deeper into God's Word and learn about the history, people, and reasons behind the writing of each book.

The convenient size allows students to carry it anywhere. The single-column format and verse-numbered paragraphs make for easy reading.

This //REMIX edition cover features rows of dots in a rainbow spectrum. Each row of dots is a different piece of leather, all held together by an overlapping piece with die-cut circles.

Written in everyday English, The Message will bring more understanding and meaning to the Scriptures. Passages that seem familiar will come alive. The Message can help readers “Read. Think. Pray. Live.”

EAN : 9781612915043
Auteur(s) : Bible - MES
Taal : English
Verschenen : April 2018
Conditie : Nieuw
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