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Ichthusboekhandel is the biblestore

IChthusboekhandel is the bibleshop

Ichthusboekhandel is the christian biblestore for the Hague area en had a lot of bibles in stock. Not only english bibles, but also dutch, spanish and other languages as well.

Normally at stock in the different Ichthusbookstores:

* The Amplified bible (AMP)
* Common English Bible (CEB)
* The King James version (KJV)
* English Standard Version (ESV)
* New International Version (NIV)
* New King James bible (NKJV)
* New Living Translation (NLT)
* The Message (MES)

explanation english bibles (PDF)

We like to meet you in one of our stores and we are glad to help you there.

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