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Information in English

WELCOME at the website of the Ichthus Bookstores in Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands. As our website is in Dutch, and we live in a society with a lot of non-Dutch speaking people, we gladly give you some information about our bookstores and the range of products in our stores in English, which can be best summarized by 'Bibles, Books and Music'. We import from England, America, South Africa and Germany on a regular basis.

Bibles english bibles
One of the goals of the Ichthus Bookstores is to sell bibles in many laguages. It is the book that has changed many lives ........

In our stores we have bibles in many lanquages in stock. You can find or order the bible in all english translations in our stores.

All our attendants are trained to help you choose the version that will suite you best. If a bible is not in store, we can order the bible that you would like. Mostly orders will be delivered to us within reasonable short times, usually this takes about a week.

The Ichthus Bookstores carry a large range of English books and other publications. Our retail locations in Den Haag and Leiden are specialized in this. You can find biblestudybooks, books on mission and evangelism and about spiritual growth.

We are able to order and deliver anything that is not in store within a short period of time, usually a week, because we import directly from the USA and the UK.
christian books If you will collect your order from one of our stores, there are no delivery fees.

You can find our English products that are in stock here.

Our collection of Christian music carries an extended supply of CDs and DVDs in all genres ranging from traditional hymns to rock music, and from praise and worship to R&B hiphop.

Besides bibles, books and music, the Ichthus Bookstores also carry English cards. Especially in our shops in Den Haag and Leiden a wide range of cards is available.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email.