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The Ichthus book stores are located in South-Holland in the cities The Hague, Zoetermeer, Leiden and Alphen aan den Rijn. Ichthus is the bibleshop for this area and you can also order in our christian webshop.


We offer a great assortment of English bibles and good Christian books and music in store. We import directly from the United States of America, Germany and the United Kingdom. We import on a regular (weekly) base and can deliver at a good price. 

When you visit the Ichthusbookstores, you can take your order home immediately. When you order in our stores, we do not charge additional fees. Our christian webshop is a place whre many believers buy their bibles and christian books.  

For an impression of English Bibles and more information look at this page for an overview of english bible translations. 

We have different bible-translations in stock:  

* The Amplified Bible ( AMP )
* Common English Bible (CEB)
* The King James version (KJV)
* English Standard Version (ESV)
* New International Version (NIV)
* New King James bible (NKJV)
* New Living Translation (NLT)
* The Message (MES)
Normally we have thinlinebibles, compactbibles, travelbibles, pewbibles and bibles with width margin at stock.  

You find at Ichthusbookstore top-titles like:

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Inspire Bible

De meest verkochte journaling bible  Lees meer

€ 39,95
Vanishing Grace

De meest verkochte journaling bible  Lees meer

€ 23,95
Bearing False Witness


€ 29,95
God is not mad at you


€ 23,95
Archaeological Study Bible

The ESV Archaeology Study Bible
 Lees meer

€ 49,95
The Post-Church Christian


€ 1,95
Return to Me, Restoration Chronicles Ser


€ 15,95
The Benedict Option


€ 26,95


€ 21,95
NIV - Archaeological Bible


€ 49,95
NIV Zondervan Study Bible


€ 51,95
Lifehacks Bible


€ 34,95
Broken Way


€ 23,75
Hebrew Bible

Nice hebrew bible in soft-cover.  Lees meer

€ 55,50
Jewish studybible (tanakh)


€ 43,95