Endless praise CD/DVD

Endless praise CD/DVD
Titel: Endless praise CD/DVD
Auteur: Planetshakers
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Endless Praise CD/DVD is the exciting follow up to PlanetShakers recent success with their critically acclaimed release Limitless.  

PlanetShakers has carved out a unique space in the worshiping community through songs of energetic celebration and passionate worship. 

Songs like Nothing is Impossible, The Anthem, Limitless, and Healer have given their original songs and movement a growing presence in churches around the world. Led by Pastor′s Russell and Sam Evans, PlanetShakers is the fastest growing church in Australia and they are expanding their already significant ministry with Awakening Conferences in Malaysia, San Diego, Melbourne, and Dallas through 2014. 


CD 1 

1. Dvd: Intro
2. Endless Praise
3. Turn It Up
4. Dance
5. Unto God
6. Made For Worship
7. Kiss Towards
8. Praise You Lord
9. We Are Free
10. Set Me Ablaze 

CD 2 

1. Cd: Endless Praise
2. Turn It Up
3. Dance
4. No Other Name
5. Made For Worship
6. Kiss Towards
7. Unto God
8. Praise You Lord
9. Oh Your Love
10. Our God Reigns
11. Set Me Ablaze
12. Abide With Me
13. We Are Free
14. Leave Me Astounded (studio)



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