Quantum World

Quantum World
Titel: Quantum World
Auteur: Polkinghorne
Bestelnr.: 9780691023885
Prijs:€ 15,95
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This is one of the finest introductory physics books I've ever read on the theory of quantum mechanics. It has everything that one needs to get started: a clear & concise mapping of all the essential evidence and ideas that lead implicitly to quantum theory. Many other authors do much the same thing, in their own ways, but The Quantum World does so with a directness that makes the entire work brief & to the point such that the entire book is readable and understandable in only an afternoon of pleasant reading, without gaping holes left to be filled in later. It is also is the only popular work I've ever read that makes plain the role of what are called "operators" in the formal mathematics of the theory, making this book quite unique and indispensible.



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