MacArthur Study Bible

MacArthur Study Bible
Titel: MacArthur Study Bible
Auteur: MacArthur
Bestelnr.: 9780718018993
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From the moment you pick it up, you'll know it's a classic. The "MacArthur Study Bible" is perfect for serious study.  

Dr. John MacArthur has collected his pastoral and scholarly work of more than 35 years to create the most comprehensive study Bible available. No other study Bible does such a thorough job of explaining the historical context, unfolding the meaning of the text, and making it practical for your life. 

Features include: 

* 125-page concordance, including people and places 

* More than 20,000 study notes, charts, maps, outlines, and articles from Dr. John MacArthur 

* Concise Topical Index



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