Recovering biblical man and womanhood

Recovering biblical man and womanhood
Titel: Recovering biblical man and womanhood
Auteur: Piper, J., Grudem, W.
Bestelnr.: 9781581348064
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More than twenty contributors provide a thorough response to evangelical feminism, with relevance for family, society, and church life. 

A controversy of major proportions has spread through the church. Recent generations bear witness to the rise of evangelical feminism-a movement that has had a profound impact on all of life, challenging some of our basic Christian beliefs. 

In this new edition of an influential and award-winning best-seller, more than twenty men and women have committed their talents to produce the most thorough response yet to this modern movement. Combining systematic argumentation with popular application, this volume deals with all of the main passages of Scripture brought forward in this controversy regarding gender-based role differences. 

Anyone concerned with the fundamental question of the proper relationship between men and women in home, church, and society will want to read this book. New preface included.



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