Living With(out) Borders

Living With(out) Borders
Titel: Living With(out) Borders
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Catholic theological ethics on the migrations of people 

A collection of commissioned essays that seeks to deepen contemporary understandings of, and approaches to, immigration, globalisation, refugee crises, and the ethical and moral conundrums presented by these phenomena.  

Includes contributions from some of the leading ethicists in the world, such as  

* Kristin E. Heyer, Professor of Theology at Boston College;
* Peter C. Phan, Ignacio Ellacuria Chair of Catholic Social Thought at Georgetown University;
* Christine E. Gudorf, Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies at Florida International University; and
* William O'Neill, SJ, associate professor of social ethics at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University.  

This volume brings intellectual and theological analysis to bear on issues often removed from the worlds of theology or sustained academic analysis.



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