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Sowing the new creation

Titel : Sowing the new creation
Auteur(s) : Dijk, Joost van
EAN : 9780957528697
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Prijs : € 19,95
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Sowing the new creation
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Most businesses currently have a paradigm of making as much money as possible.

This is rooted in the conviction that allowing self-interest as much freedom as possible will also maximize the benefit of the common good, which at least seems paradoxical. Yet, what should the purpose of business be from a Christian point of view? Further to this, what happens if this purpose is linked to God's plan for creation in its current state?

In Sowing the New Creation, a firm theological foundation is developed for aligning business with God's larger purpose for creation. For business owners, Sowing the New Creation means adopting a completely different paradigm. Rather than seeing business as solely a means to earn money and take care of one's own interest, a business can be profitable for its stakeholders, whilst at the same time be a highly effective tool for advancing the Kingdom of God.

This study gives a new perspective on the practice of self-interest for the common good. Fresh insight is brought to the paradoxes of how Christians can add to the New Creation, something which is unobtainable in the current state of creation, except by God's involvement.

Most of this book was written as a thesis for a Master's degree in Practical Theology at Chester University. The author, Joost van Dijk, is a chemistry PhD graduate with almost 20 years of research management experience in a large, international company.

Additionally, he is Chairman of the Dutch B4T organization which seeks to promote business based missions, and is an elder at the International Church of Leiden, in the Netherlands.

EAN : 9780957528697
Auteur(s) : Dijk, Joost van
Taal : English
Verschenen : December 2014
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