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Ichthusboekhandel is the bibleshop

Ichthusboekhandel.nl has different English Bibles at stock

Ichthusboekhandel.nl is the Bibleshop for the western part of South Holland (c.q. Randstand), mostly in the Hague area.

You can go to the shops in The Hague, Leiden, Alphen aan den Rijn and Zoetermeer for gifts, christian books, christian music and also english Bibles.

Ichthusboekhandel is for more than 50 years a well-known partner of churches and believers for their spiritual food and supplies. We minister to many people form different backgrounds in the center of the greater cities in the area.

We are an international and interdenominational Bibleshops with Duch Bibles and books, but also English Bibles, christian books and gifts!

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Ichthusboekhandel.nl is the Bibleshop for the Randstad area with cities like The Hague, Utrecht, Leiden, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.