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Ichthusboekhandel is the christian webshop

Ichthusboekhandel is the christian webshop in Holland

Ichthusboekhandel is the christian webshop for the Netherlands and has 4 bookstores in the Hague / Randstad area. She is working together with different other christian bookstores in Holland. Ichthusboekhandel is one of the leading Bibleshops in Holland with a great stock of english Bibles and christian books.

You can order in our webshop: English Bibles and English books

Ichthusboekhandel is well-known by this:

* We import each week form the USA english Bibles and christian books.
* We are an international, interdenominational group of four christian bookstores for more than 50 years in the region.
* We are located in the centre of different greater cities in the Randstad / the Haque region where we minister to people from many backgrounds.
* Part of different networks in the Duch world but also for the international churches in the area.
* Most of our co-workers speak English
* Free shipping in Holland when your order at the website is more than € 20,00.
* We get 2-3 times a week by air-freight Bibles and christian books from the USA.

We are an international and interdenominational bibleshops with Duch bibles and books, but also English Bibles, christian books and gifts!

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See you in one of our christian bookstores:

Ichthusboekhandel.nl is the Bibleshop for the Randstad